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A glorious view of the coasts of California, Oregon and Washington from the pen of Steve Arntson, writing in his legal name of Stephen Francis Cosgrove. Steve has one other book based on a trip up the coast, To and From on the Day-for-Night Coast, which is also in his legal name. Illustrated, with a stunning wrap-around cover by Elizabeth Ockwell.

“Care for a tour through the landscapes of a woman's heart? Here's your ride.

“Deborah Fruchey's  Shattered Windows presents us with a chorus of women's voices: some hers, some imagined, some in-between. These short pieces are a trek through many hearts, each unique and somehow so familiar. One page captures keenly drawn despair...while the next is charged with hope...Then we turn the page for more. Fruchey observes each without judgment and with empathy aplenty. Each scenario, each emotion, each person here feels true and painted with a knowing eye.”

—Richard Loranger, author of Mammal and Unit of Agency



Recent poems by the award-winning author of Three Kinds of Dark and Armadillo. In this evocative chapbook, the poet takes you on a journey into the recesses of memory and the essence of forgotten moments. With a bottle of water as a symbolic guide, the verses roll seamlessly from the back to the front, mirroring the inevitability of things left behind. Hint transforms into a poignant plea, a whisper of the overlooked. As the bottle glides beyond reach, the poet ponders the essentials that slip away. Each stanza unfolds like a snapshot, capturing the emotions tied to what we've unintentionally abandoned. "Hint" serves as a reminder, a gentle nudge to reflect on the baggage we carry and the significance of what we leave behind. This chapbook invites readers to embark on a contemplative journey, where the ordinary becomes extraordinary, and the forgotten finds its voice.



We'll Always Have Stockton

An exploration of the Burning Man of 2020, which was not sanctioned and almost didn't happen at all, by the man Richard Loranger calls our own Bay Area "Psychedelic Nature poet".


A 450 page blockbuster, this is Steve Arntson's exploration and description of a journey to something that almost didn't happen at all: the Burning Man festival of 2020. Only a few hardy souls came to the playa that year. Travel with Steve through the red fires of that endless summer, that made West indistinguishable from East. Make your way up to Oregon, and climb Steens Mountain. Meet the Stockton cop who spawned the name, his own name never to be known. Rusticate in New Pine Creek, where Steve fantasizes the retreat of a person who feels threatened and lurks in junk shops to obscure his identity. Ride behind the ponies of Adel, clamber through the wilderness wondering if you remember what to do if you hit quicksand. And at last, meet Laura, the Gate, at the opening to the playa where no one is supposed to be at all, but, irresistibly, comes.

What Still Matters by Johanna Ely

An exploratiion of Love, Nature, Dreams, and Longing by the sixth poet laureate of Benicia, California. Johanna has been widely published and nominated for a Pushcart Prize. AVAILABLE NOW! BUY ON AMAZON

"This collection by Johanna Ely is an invitation into our natural world and all its delicacies. This book speaks to the 'soft dark earth' and the 'calligraphy of winter.'  There are vital questions in these pages. The poet asks us 'What if one day the trees in our town uprooted themselves?' And in these questions, there are journeys worth exploring. The poems in these pages resonate and in them you will find old fence lines, Japanese maples, origami flowers, a silver necklace missing a clasp, and a letter to Frida Kahlo. These poems will make backroads and bridges into your psyche. You will find 'a small sturdy boat' and will feel compelled and delighted to 'climb on board, without a map'.”

—Connie Post, Author of Prime Meridian and Between Twilight

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