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Coming Soon! Rudy Jon Tanner's first posthumous collection

From the papers of the late Rudy Jon Tanner come a myriad of poems from all phases of his poetic career — short works, funny works, long pieces and even some brilliant prose. Many thanks to his brother, Gary Tanner, for access to all his effects, and to Rudy's friend David M. Kallinger, who funded the work on this volume. Cover art by Peter H. on Pixabay, a wonderful site for publishable photos.

— Deborah L. Fruchey, the editor

(Blurb to come from Steve Arntson)

New! Now Available!

Steve Arntson’s delightful sonnets defy formality. Read them all and as you do merge into Diane Lee Moomey's moody mystical watercolors. His sonnets encourage

your inquiries, "to safely say the rest of what becomes,"* hinting there are many nuances to perspective, and lines.  Be enchanted; take flights of fancy.


— Mary-Marcia Casoly, author of Run To Tenderness, Lost Pages of Bird Lore


* quote from "Green Mounds"



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The very first full length printed book of poems from the brilliant Steve Arntson!



"Embodied" by Jan Dederick

"Jan Dederick demonstrates through her mature and satisfying poetry, in language lyric and logical, her ability to say the unsayable, to exist and yet remain unsaid, in fresh, literary ways.  For instance, she draws the reader in by being deadly serious and funny at the same time. Her humor tempers the profound as in the poem “Leave it Alone” where she repeats the line “I never had a foreskin but I had a son” and shocks the reader from smile to surprise and back again.

"This impactful collection begs to be read again and again, befitting the behemoth task of investigating the wonder and mystery of the physical and energetic body, and understanding more each time."

— Eileen Malone, Founder/Director, The Soul-Making Keats Competition

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